Double Barrel Game Farm & Hatchery has been in the game bird business since 2000. As a freshman in high school, Dustin Chrisman started this venture to supplement his cow herd and other projects. Double Barrel Game Farm & Hatchery is now producing 500,000 chicks and raising nearly 130,000 pheasants, chukar, quail to maturity! This includes a complete state-of-the-art hatchery, heated brooder houses, and 35 acres of netted flight pens. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and making the delivery convenient for you. This is accomplished by focusing on genetics and keeping them close to native ringnecks. Our nutritionist focuses on diets with high protein and well-balanced micro-minerals to ensure the healthiest and strongest birds in the country. The flight pens are seeded to koisa to provide thick and “wild like” cover for our growing birds.